To earn the credits for this workshop, you must design a short classroom activity or writing assignment for the ConnectWeb environment.  Feel free to draw upon the list of ideas to the right, to combine them somehow, or to come up with an idea of your own that would lead to a project of similar length and scope.  (Projects needn't be too long or involved for our purposes.  It's probably best to design something you might actually want to use in a single class period whether or not you eventually decide to use ConnectWeb, or to adapt some favorite assignment for this new environment.  Virtually all of the sorts of topics typically included in thematic readers, for instance, can be profitably researched or extended via the web and online discussion.) I'll be sure to complete the paperwork for your credits as soon as you've finished your project, which you can either email to me at or post on our workshop site.

Please let me know if have any questions or problems as you compose your project.  I'm happy to do whatever I can to help.


Kathy A. Fitch | College of DuPage |