College of DuPage

Teaching and Learning Center

ConnectWeb Workshop

Tuesday, October 24
Thursday, October 26
2:30-5:00 p.m.
SRC 3607



Overview of Workshop Topics

  • Logging on to the ConnectWeb Class Site.

    • Setting log in names and passwords.

  • Adding Students and Editing Student Data.

    • Resetting Passwords.

    • Adding email addresses.

  • Creating  Chalkboard Announcements.

    • Composing on the spot.

    • Copying and pasting from file.

    • Inserting hyperlinks.

    • Revising and editing.

    • Saving to file for future courses.

  • Creating Assignments.

    • Composing on the spot.

    • Uploading from file.

    • Inserting/preserving hyperlinks.

  • Creating Discussion Topics.

    • Noticing the layout of the discussion area.

    • Forming and reforming groups.

  • Sending and Responding to Messages.

    • Sending messages to individual students.

    • Sending messages to the class as a whole.

  • Responding to Essays.

    • Collecting, grading, and returning essays.

  • Designing assignments and activities for ConnectWeb.

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