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The most reasonable approach for our workshop is to build a beginning web page or web site that can be gradually developed and revised over the next few quarters.  In this workshop, then, we will focus on the rudiments of web page design, including creating navigational tools, inserting hypertext links, employing simple graphics, and uploading or "publishing" your web.

Basic syllawebs often include the following content elements:

Contact information, including an active email link.

Course overviews and/or complete syllabi.

Links to general college resources.

Links to online resources to complement course texts.

A teaching philosophy statement.

A brief curriculum vitae.

Some small personal touches such as photographs, links to favorite authors' or musicians' web sites, samples of the teachers' own writing, etc.

See "Why Use a Syllaweb?" for a brief but good collection of questions to consider before and as you design your page(s).

Home Goals Design Resources

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