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Where Can I Find Help Creating a Syllaweb of My Own?

College of DuPage English Faculty Syllawebs and Home Pages.

Online Resources on Syllaweb Pedagogy and Design.

Where Can I Find Help Creating a Syllaweb of My Own?

College of DuPage Courses:  College of DuPage offers many courses in such things as html, graphics, and web design.  Search the Quarterly Online to see what's available in upcoming quarters.

COD Information Technology Pages:  IT's Web Publishing page includes sample COD banners, footers, and templates for non-official pages.  If you are publishing on the college server, you will need to fill out and submit a WWW Electronic Request form

Faculty Development Workshops: The Communications Discipline's Computer Users Group plans to sponsor, via the Teaching and Learning Center, several workshops on Syllaweb Development and Publishing throughout the 2000-2001 academic year.  Anyone who would like one-on-one help developing web pages should contact Kathy Fitch at (630)942-3367 or

Online Tools:

"Syllaweb was developed by Dr. Karen H. Bonnell of the University of Southern Indiana as a tool for educators to create an entire Internet website from one basic template. Things you will need to use the Syllaweb are: an Internet browser/editor such as Netscape Communicator with Page Composer; an email address; web hosting and file transfer capability."

The Syllaweb Resource: "These pages, developed for the The Epiphany Project, provide guidelines, resources, and examples for instructors who wish to place syllabi and other materials on the Web."

Illinois Online Network:  Hosted by University of Illinois, ION is designed to serve as a resource for community college instructors interested in online learning.  See especially ION's collection of Online Education Resources, many of which focus on issues of design and accessibility for webbed course materials. ION also offers online tutorials, a newsletter delivered via email, and many courses and seminars throughout the year. 

College of DuPage English Faculty Syllawebs and Home Pages

Laura Anschicks

Fran Fitch

Kathy Fitch

Danica Hubbard  

Dan Kies

David McGrath

Cathy Stablein

If your syllaweb is not included here and you'd like it to be, please send me the link at or and I'll be sure to include it.

Online Resources on Pedagogy and  Design

Bauer-Gatsos, Sheila.    "The Syllaweb in the On-line Composition Classroom." (08 February 2001).  Describes the unfolding of a syllaweb project from initial assumptions and plans through final incarnations, examining challenges and surprises along the way.  An excellent, balanced study.

Denlinger, Lisa.  "Oncourse: Providing an Opportunity for Change." Indiana University. 9 July 1999. ~uits/cpo/oncourse/pelaez.html (08 February 2001). Although this faculty profile deals with a specific delivery system, its tracing of a teacher's struggles and epiphanies as she moves into online learning environments captures the sort of evolution common to many, courseware notwithstanding.

Essid, Joe.  "Why Use a Syllaweb?"  Syllaweb Workshop Materials.  Univeristy of Richmond.  April 1998. ~writing/tcc/syllaweb.html (08 February 2001).  Offers guiding questions, links, and example for teachers consering syllaweb development.

Johnston, Joyce.  "Weaving a Syllaweb:    Considerations Before Constructing an Online Syllabus." Presentation for the Second Annual Teaching in the Community Colleges Online Conference.  April 1997. _conf97/pres/johnston.html (08 February 2001).  Examines how syllaweb creation both leads to and demands pedogical transformation.

Ortiz, Eugene.  "Ethical Considerations to Syllaweb Design: A Dialogic Approach." (08 February 2001).  Examines how syllawebs can be designed to support constructivist pedagogies.

O'Sullivan, Mary F.  Virtual Online Instruction Center. Western Wisconsin Technical College. voice/  (08 February 2001).  Many thank to Mary, developer of this site, for being kind enough to point me to it as I began developing this workshop. VOICe provides a central web source of information and support for online instruction at WWTC.

Syllaweb (08 February 2001)    Provides templates for syllaweb development.

The Syllaweb Resource    (08 February 2001).  Developed as part of the The Epiphany Project, this page provides links to web resources on syllaweb design and implementation.

Wahls, Tim and Linda Null.    Developing And Using Syllawebs And Other Web-based Course Materials ~wahls/present/coc98/web/  (08 February 2001).  This outline version of a conference presentation includes many links to syllaweb tools and examples.

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